Verulam Class, Verulam Class, what do you see?

This week the children have enjoyed going on a local visit, and walked a short way along Sandridge road. We talked about the different types of houses we saw, and commented on the similarities and differences between the features, e.g. roofs, detached/terraced, driveways, gardens, front doors and even alley ways. The children thought about why the houses were different and began to think about where people park their cars if they don’t have a driveway.

Thank you for the donations of cardboard boxes. We have used these to create replicas of houses that we have noticed on our journeys. We used our knowledge from our walk to add any extra features to make them look realistic.

Next week we will be continuing our learning about St Albans and will be thinking about the main landmarks. We will be focusing our learning on Verulamium Park and the Cathedral, so if you do visit these places at the weekend or before we begin creating, maybe take a photo to share with us in school.

Our letters and sounds learning next week will be focused on identifying digraphs we have already learnt about previously; ck, ll, ff, ss and introducing zz and qu. We will be recognising and using tricky words no, go, the, and, to, I in our reading and writing. We will also matching capital/upper case letters and lower case letters.   

Reading Folders

Next week we will be adding a new page to your child’s blue Reading Folder.

This will include Phase 3 sentences and questions.  Having covered all of Phase 2 before Christmas, the children are now working through Phase 3.  If you are unsure of what Phase 2/3 means, take a look in the Reading Folder where everything is explained.

Your children are now moving on to learn digraphs – when two letters make one sound, for example, ch in chop, sh in ship, and ng in bang.

We would recommend spending time each week working through the Reading Folder – it really does have everything in it that your child needs to practise.

For more explanation or ideas to support your child, please visit our Learning Together page.  This slideshow provides useful links and games to play.

If you’d like more advice please talk to your child’s class teacher or contact me via the school office.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Woolfson

Happy New Year

Welcome to the start of the Spring Term.

Firstly, on behalf of everyone in Verulam class we would like to say a massive thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts. We hope you all enjoyed some family time over the Christmas period and are now excited about the term ahead.

Over the forthcoming weeks we are focusing our learning on the local area of St Albans; thinking about it’s geography and the community. We will look at information books, maps and use Goggle to find places we know. We are transforming our role play area into a market stall, thinking about the things we would need to make it look like a real stall.

This week we have looked at different buildings around St Albans and talked about the different shapes we could see- such as on the Clocktower we saw many rectangles and circles. We were using mathematical language to describe shapes such as corner and side. If you go for a walk this weekend I wonder what shapes you’ll see on the different houses and landmarks around the city? Maybe your child could talk about them and describe them to you.

In Outdoor Learning the children had lots of fun exploring the outdoors with a treasure map. They looked for different places on their maps and then went to find them, they were very busy! Can you and your child create a map of how to get to the local shop or someone’s house? Show and Tell is a great way to share your children’s learning and creative ideas from home, please see the updated list below of when your child’s show and tell day is.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Happy Hanukkah!

We have had such a fun and interesting week!

Let’s start with happy Hanukkah from Verulam class! We have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah (starting on the 22nd December). We spun a dreidel which is a bit like a dice and counted out counters and cars. We also made a giant Menorah just like the ones lit at this time of year to remember the special miracle. Your child could share the story with you and tell you about the oil burning for eight days.

The children have also been busy with their Christmas performance, which I am sure you will agree has been fabulous so far. They have another performance on Tuesday so if you have not seen it yet, you are in for a treat! They have all worked so hard on learning lines, singing songs, knowing when it is their turn to stand up and sit down, so well done Verulam class, you should all be very proud!

We had a yummy Wednesday as it was our Christmas lunch. We shared the story ‘A Festive Feast’ looking at food from around the world before creating our own plates of food.

Next week, we will have a ‘special’ visitor (who wears a red hat and outfit) and a Christmas celebration in class with fun games and activities. Remember your Christmas jumper for Wednesday!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you Monday.

Show Time!..

Next week the children will be performing their Christmas play. We have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday so if there are any outstanding costumes please can we have them by Monday, many thanks.

We have been working very hard with Spencer (Year 1) and Ryder (Year 2) rehearsing their play ‘A MIRACLE IN TOWN’.

You may wish to practise at home with your child singing and acting their part. Can your child remember some of the songs and sing them to you? What actions can they show you for ‘Clip Clop or Razzle Dazzle?’

Please help prepare your child for being in front of an audience. E.g. talking about not seeing you at every performance, using a loud clear voice, singing not shouting.

On Friday afternoon, we focused on music. We moved furniture to make a staged area and had instruments to accompany the singing. The children also had the opportunity to make some instruments of their own. It was a very exciting afternoon. We talked about what songs we knew before finding them to play. ‘Let it Go’ was a favourite along with ‘Shot Gun’, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and songs from ‘The Greatest Showman’. The children were all super confident at singing and dancing to their friends so next week should be a huge success for all.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Christmas has arrived in Verulam class this week! Firstly, can we say a thank you to Richie’s family for donating a Christmas tree for the class to keep. We have started to decorate it with decorations the children have made in CIP.

We have been busy learning our parts and songs for our Christmas play, ‘A Miracle in Town’. Some children have speaking parts and we have sent the words home to practise. Please continue to practise these as next week we are going to try a run through with minimal adult support.

For the next couple of weeks we will be learning to write a letter to Santa, making our own advent calendars and being very creative making a range of sparkly decorations! Look out for our sparkly stockings hanging in the hall!

The children are very excited about our new role play area- Santa’s Workshop. The children have been designing models on paper and then heading to his workshop to help make them. Ashton made a crocodile and Maysa made a swimming pool for toys to practise their diving!

Remember it is the Christmas Fair on Saturday; 10am-2pm. It is always lots of fun and very exciting so it would be great to see you all. If you cannot make it we will see you on Monday for another fun week.